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high quality care for every resident

  • State of The Art Care

    Our top physicians, nurses, and medical team coordinate the care of every community member. 

  • Affordable Luxury

    We provide care better than the top facilities in Sarasota at a fourth of the price. 

  • A Modern Feel

    We integrate modern healthcare and home technology to make home to make life as comfortable as possible. 

By Dr.Akhil Patel

Dr.Akhil Patel had a vision to create an affordable nursing home that gave residents the high quality care they deserved. He redesigned the former Aurora Manor (which has been running for 20 years) to a state of the art facility.  We offer custom programs for mind, body, and happiness. Our 24 hour care team provides custom meals for taste and diet, activities integrated with technology, and medical records that can be synced for family members as well. We update family members daily but also offer hundreds of apps on the iPad that let you do the talking with your loved one. Dr.Patel and our medical staff have spent years learning the biggest concerns of family members and we aim to address them.

Our Rooms




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what we offer

Full customization of an extension from your home with the care and entertainment an assisted living facility can provide.

Emergency Response System and Call System 

IPAD - Netflix, Skype Integrated with Dozens of Apps

On Site Administrator 

Diet and Exercise Monitoring

Outdoor Paved Walkway Greenhouse Sunroom 

Hundreds of Adult Activities 

Level 1 Care Unit

Memory Care

1.7 Acre Lot 

Next Door to Walking Path- Concierge Walks in Tuttle Walkway

6am-9pm Accepted Family Visits

24 Hour Medical Staff

Laundry Service

Concierge Service Plan

Personal Daily Activities

On Call +IPAD-synced Physician Private Bathroom - Sink/Toilet

Shared Room With One Resident 

Monthly Decorations in Rooms and Building

24 Hour Security System Concierge

Home Health 

Home Health Psychiatry

Service Therapy Dogs On Request

Service Dogs Allowed

LibraryCafé/Bistro Weekly Beauty/Barber Appointment Meditation Garden

Game Room

Personal Health Coach

Parking - CarportParking - 

Private Dining Room

Therapy Music 

Postal Services Business Center/Computers

Therapy Room

Computer/Internet Access Screened Lanai Porch

Guest Suite(s)

Doorbell Video Call Entry

Landscaped Grounds

Customized Sessions on Request


See a tour of the former Aurora Manor, a 20 year old facility below. Our updated design video will be coming in the next week. We have redeveloped the facility with new management, iPad integration, design, activities, meals, electronic medical records, easier access to doctors and nurses, and meditation garden. Our rooms range from $2500 for a double to $3500 for a single.

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What is an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is a safe and secure environment where seniors can visit live a relatively independent way of life but also get support with certain daily activities. These actions may include bathing, dressing, medication administration, mobility and much more. Our trained staff members are available to assist you perform these tasks safely while respecting your liberty.

Our assisted living communities also offer excellent accommodations for seniors, as well as an active and social environment in which seniors can meet other people in the same period of life.

What is the cost of assisted living? Does Medicare pay for it?

Assisted living facilities range from $4,000 to $10,000 a month. We have reduced the price through integrating technology and partnerships that allow you to only pay for the services you need. 

Medicare and other federal programs typically do not pay for assisted living. Most likely you will use personal funds, assets or long-term care insurance to put towards payment

What can a new resident bring with them when they move in?

Residents are welcome to bring their personal belongings. Our social workers and staff work with residents to help keep memorable and family photos in sight. Residents and their families can communicate with us during the tour about what they'd like in the facility. If moving from a home; we can help provide information about storage facilities, donation areas, and more. 

How big are the rooms? Can couples live together?

We provide double rooms which allow for couples to live together. Rooms vary in size but we've designed each room to be spacious and comfortable for our residents. 

Do residents need their own car?

Residents definitely do not need their own car but can bring their car on site! We can assist with bringing the resident to and from their cars. We also offer transportation from the site when requested. 

Are pets allowed?

Our Sarasota site does not allow pets at this time. We are welcome to speak with residents about specific exceptions including service dogs and therapy dogs. 

Can a senior be denied?

An assisted living facility can provide the care and independence a senior needs to live with autonomy. But there are always times where a senior may benefit from a nursing home or prefer a home health aide. We always try to provide a space for all seniors who would benefit from our facility. 

What if a resident has memory problems?

Our on site medical team can write down any requests for the resident and their family. We ensure their medications are taken on time, they are able to maintain a high quality of life, and that they participate in fun activities day to day. That's why we are here :). 

How do I know whether residents are well taken care of?

Each resident has a customized iPad which can be synced to their medical records, family contacts, and doctor. We use this as a means of daily entertainment since many residents dislike the small tvs that stay feet away from where the resident is. The technology also is synced with memory games, daily schedules, and more. You can also call the facility and check in on the resident, or even FaceTime or text them from their iPad as you wish. 

Speak directly to one of our team members

You can contact us through the number we provide when the resident checks in at any time to know more. Our contact form is also a great place to get in touch with us.

iPad Integration

Six Beds Available

At this time; we have six beds available in Sarasota Life. Speak with our medical director, Dr.Akhil Patel, to see if we are the right fit for you.